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    Default box blade brand question.

    hey guys, i just found this site . it looks like a great place to learn! i need some advice, im in the market for a box blade. i see them in the 4-500 dollar range everywhere. but when i talk to a dealer they all point me to one in the 9-1000 dollar range. usually a more well known brand like bushhog. now i dont mind paying for a higher quality implement as long as im not just paying for the name. what do yall think? are brands like bushhog really woth the x-tra $? my tractor is a M6800 kubota(68hp 4x4). and that is one reason they keep pointing me to the higher models. i was thinking in the 7-8 ft range. what do yall think i should do? thanks a ton!

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    Default Re: box blade brand question.

    You need to make sure you get a well built enough BB that your tractor will not tear it up. A 68hp 4x4 can put a lot of stress on a BB. I think the issue is less on which brand and more on how it is built. You can usually check the specs on weight and metal component thickness. Also look at how it hooks to the tractor. Captured hitch pins are best. Yours will probably need to be a Cat II.

    Like I said, as far as brands go, look at the specs. Here's an example: I paid a little extra for a 6' Bushhog brand standard duty BB. Even though it is their standard duty model, it is heavier, uses thicker plate and is way better bulit than the typical tractor store brands. And yet, it is only rated up to 45hp for a 4wd tractor. Still, it has held up perfectly to some pretty extreme use. So even terms like standard, light, medium and heavy duty can be confusing. For that tractor I'd look for a decent off brand medium duty seven footer or a solid name brand standard duty seven footer. Bottom line, read the specs and go look at what you are buying. A heavy duty King Kutter might serve you better than a standard duty Woods, BH etc etc. I'd be prepared to spend $1000.
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