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    Default using a 3pt 7 shank chisel plow

    Someone locally has a seven shank chisel plow for sale that has transport wheels and is in good condition. Thanks to responses from FWJ and others regarding chisel plows, I can tell you that it is a chisel plow and not a heavy duty to cultivator. However, the plow does not have a tongue to attatch to the draw bar. Instead, it attatches to the lower and upper links like any other three point hitch attatchement.

    It seems to me that a chisel plow with a tongue to drawbar attatchement would be better. Am I wrong? Let me know what you think. Thanks.

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    Default Re: using a 3pt 7 shank chisel plow

    If you have enough tractor to handle a mounted chisel plow, they have their advantages. (Mobility, ability to use draft control)

    Years ago, I had a 4250 Deere (110hp) and a DMI 9-shank mounted chisel plow and preferred it over a drawn type. It took an entire weight rack full of suitcase weights to keep the front end stuck to the ground though.
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    Default Re: using a 3pt 7 shank chisel plow

    I have an 8 shank 3PT hitch JD chisel plow and to pull it deep at 5 mph takes all of my 80 hp with 4wd, radials, 1200 lbs of weight up front and cast centers with 500 lbs additonal in the rear. The plow is 8 ft wide and heavy. It also is easier to transport and store than a pull-type model .
    When I pulled a pull-type model it was easier so I figure it has something do do with the weight transfer aspect of it.
    I could pull either a lot easier but i need two passes with one deeper to get to where I want.
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    Default Re: using a 3pt 7 shank chisel plow

    I have a seven shank chisel that I pull with a 4WD 70 HP tractor. I do not have weights on the front. I Have been fairly happy with the results, however, I think it would be better to have another 20 or so HP. I can't get the shanks all the way in the ground. I am thinking of removing two of the shanks just so I don't have to put too much strain on my tractor. That should help quite a bit.

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    Default Re: using a 3pt 7 shank chisel plow

    Pull type chisel plow is better than 3 pt but in general, the 3 pt is cheaper to buy. Pull type will follow the coutour of the ground better and easier to make gradual turns with implement in the ground. Front end can get really light with 3 pt style. Personally, I would only get the pull type.

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