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    Default Tarter Gate Box Blade?

    So, I stopped by Tractor Supply and picked up a 4' box blade for my subcompact tractor. It looked like what I saw on their website, so I strapped it down and went on my way. I just pulled up the web page again and noticed that the one on their site is a King Kutter brand (XB subcompact line), but the blade sitting on my trailer says "Farm Force SB by Tarter Gate." How does this product compare to the KK brand? I'm a bit annoyed that what's on their site (the only 4' BB they have) is not what I got. But, if the quality is comparable, I don't really care. They actually look suspiciously identical, as though KK just puts their name on the Tarter Gate one and uses a black 3pt frame instead of the one that mine has that's painted orange to match.

    If there is a difference between these products that I should worry about, I'll take it back tomorrow. But if it's 6 of one, half a dozen of the other, I'll start putting it to work tomorrow.


    Tarter Gate BB: American Farmland - 4 FT. Box Blade SC - By Tarter Gate

    TSC's KK BB:
    Tractor Supply Company - 4 ft Xb Box Blade

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    Default Re: Tarter Gate Box Blade?

    i have a tarter gate rear blade that is identical to a king kutter

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    Default Re: Tarter Gate Box Blade?

    tarter gate makes its own equipment. they have some good implements. they are very close to king kutter in reliability, durability, all around good equipment. check out their YouTube channel, they put a lot of work in design. I've never seen any other company test their products like tarter. personally I would buy the tarter over the king kutter any day.

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