There's been a lot of postings about adding hooks to a bucket so that you can hoist. There's been a lot of warnings too. I was sitting on the fence until I saw a listing at NorthernTool for a plate that slips onto your forks to do the same thing.

This is it -
Vestil Forklift Double-Fork Hook Plate 4000-Lb. Capacity | Hoisting Hooks | Northern Tool + Equipment

But I was concerned that it wouldn't fit especially since my JD floating forks have a minimum width of 20 3/4 inch and the Vestil drawing shows a maximum opening width of 21 inch
Vestil - Hook Plates
(click on the pdf to get the drawing).

Well I took a chance and find that it fits nicely on my JD forks and will do the job. At 4000 lbs, it's much stronger than I could ever lift with my tractor.

The model sold by NorthernTool is the LM-HP4-S and contrary to the NT picture, the chain keeping the plate from sliding off the forks is actually a strap with a hook. It should work out okay though. On my tractor the bottom of the hook is 5ft 4 inches from the ground. I could get a few more inches by tilting the forks or mounting the plat upside down.