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    Default Woods HB72 box blade

    Can someone write in and tell me how happy they are with this box blade please.

    I've been waiting for months to get in the Woods box blade I ordered. I was expecting the GB72 which was quite a bit cheaper. Dealer just dropped off the HB72. It is a great looking box blade and I'm going to keep it now that it is on my lot even though I only have a 300 or so ft driveway to maintain. It was a lot of cash for a 300 ft driveway.

    Prices for stuff in Canada are still quite a bit higher than what they are in the USA so I'm not even going to post what I ended up paying for it it

    Figure it is bound to outlast me and I'll have it for ever so no post purchase dissonance is required for what I spent. I'll be enjoying the night in my bucket - good thing I am only 5ft 6".
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    Default Re: Woods HB72 box blade

    I also recently bought an HB72, but haven't used it yet. It was only $100 more than the GB72, so figured why not go with the heavier model given the modest price difference.

    I'll be curious to hear from others who have used also. The one thing I don't like about it just on the surface is that there is only two settings for the scarifiers (up or down). Not sure if this is normal or whether other brands have more settings than two.

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    Default Re: Woods HB72 box blade

    I've got an HB84 box that's been here for 3-1/2 years. I'm not a huge fan of Woods any longer after a couple bad experiences with their mowers. However, the box blade has served me well. I use it mostly behind a 60hp, 7500lb tractor. It's heavy enough to really dig in hard ground, stout enough to hold up to the hp of a bigger tractor, and designed for ease of operation.

    I have NOTHING bad to say about it, and quite a bit of good things to say. You got yourself a nice box blade.
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