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    Default Looking for Continental Motors Parts for straight 6 on chipper

    Hi, I'm investigating getting a chipper running for a friend (Then, of course borrowing it), and it has a Continental Motors straight 6 in it with an updraft carb. As soon as the battery is charged, I'll have more info. I believe that I'll be looking for a carburetor or a carb rebuild kit for this engine, and am wondering if anyone out there might be able to point me in the right direction to source one out. The owner of the machine tells me that gas pours out of the carb area when it is running, so I'm assuming a stuck/flooded float, bad gasket, or something similar.

    The Numbers from the engine are as follows: Model F227 Spec 4210 Engine # 1845 There is a brass knob (maybe a jet?) on the carb with the numbers F226F 383 on it if this helps at all. I am told that the year of production was 1968.

    I've found a carb for sale from Wisconsin Motors Canada, for $285. It's a lot to sink into this old chipper, and I'd like to investigate other options if they're out there.

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    Default Re: Looking for Continental Motors Parts for straight 6 on chipper

    Most carbs are built by companies other than the engine manufacturer, maybe you can look around the carb and find some name/numbers on it and go to


    and see if they can find you a rebuild kit for it. It is not too hard to fix a bad float, but you usually have to drill a bigger hole in it to get all the gas out of it. Most of the older carbs have brass floats, and you can clean them up and resolder them. Be carefull to get all the old gas out, wash/air out, etc before you try to blow it up with a soldering iron/gun. You can buy gasket material from most auto stores and make your own gaskets. Press/tap the part to be gasketed onto the new gasket material. Punch out the holes, and cut out the gasket on the outline. Used to do it lots of times, many many years ago.
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