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    Default Finish mower to replace my gas powered ride on mower...?

    So, with the cost of gasoline rising higher and higher every week and the cost to mow my lawn twice a week getting to the point where I am complaining more than usual, I'm thinking about ditching my gas powered ride on mower which uses a fair amount of fuel, and replacing it with a 48" finish mower to hang off the back of my B7100...... My kubota uses a fraction of the fuel that my ride on mower does.


    Can I get the same quality of cut with a finish mower?

    I've never used a 3pt mower, how easy is it to maneuver around trees and objects with the cutter hanging off the back of the tractor?

    What are the pros and cons?

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    Default Re: Finish mower to replace my gas powered ride on mower...?

    In some ways the rear mower makes it easier to mow around things. For example you can back it in under low hanging branches to reach places that would knock you off the riding mower. You can also back it into tight corners that you can't get to with a riding mower. The turning radius won't be as good so it's harder to mow around trees doing the zero turn thing. A B7100 should be light enough so there's no issue tearing up the grass. My B2710 is fine if it's dry, but does some damage if it's damp. I agree the gas mowers are hogs, that's one reason I got rid of mine. If money's no object, you know they make diesel ZTRs. That's the real ticket. I've got a big Toro gas ZTR and it is the greatest, goes so fast I can get airborne and it flies around trees. But it's 27HP so it sucks gas like crazy.
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    Default Re: Finish mower to replace my gas powered ride on mower...?

    I can actually mow much faster with a finish mower than with my rider, but the RFM is also wider. The RFM does require some back and forth action around my trees, but I've gotten real good at it. What I have a problem with is remembering the RFM swings way out beyond where I'm turning. It's not good when you have that combined with Spruce plantings about 12" high and not watching behind you. Yup, eveyone of them gone.........

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    Default Re: Finish mower to replace my gas powered ride on mower...?

    In my opinion, my GM1072R RFM gives a better cut than either my 62D belly mower on the 2520, or my lawn tractor. I think the better cut is due to the fact that the RFM rides on it's own wheels and tends to follow the terrain better than the belly mowers. The maneuvering does take some getting used to, but I think it's worth it.

    Of course, for me, it still doesn't eliminate the need for the lawn tractor because I need it to cut in around the edges and trees and the steep banks next to the ditch. But, at least it cuts down on the beating I was taking by trying to mow my rough, steep 2 acres with a lawn tractor.

    My lawn tractor is only 17HP, but it still uses twice the fuel my diesel CUT needs for the same task.

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