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    Default finish mower blades

    I am looking at buying the 6' landpride finish mower.(FDR 1672). I am not sure what the hi, low, and medium lift blades mean. Can someone help me understand the different blades.


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    Default Re: finish mower blades

    By no means am I an expert, but I do have some experience with the subject.

    Some mower decks work better with specific blade types than others from what I've heard and seen. As far as "finish mowers" go, my John Deere rider seems to do a LOT better with high lift. They pull the grass up, standing straight, so it can all be cut at a consistant height. From what I've been told, high lift blades use up a little more power, although I can't say that there was even a noticable difference when I installed them on my mower. Down side is, if/when I cut the lawn with wet grass, it tends to stick under the mower deck quite a bit more than with the original "low lift" blades. My lawn is turf-type fescue and bluegrass mix. (With the occasional weed )

    I own a bush hogging business. I use high lift blades on ALL of those mowers. My work LOOKS better. That translates to happier customers. And that's the best advertising I can hope for. In normal conditions, there's no noticable difference in power requirements. In VERY thick, heavy grass/weeds, the tractor works a bit harder.
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