I had a good time playing with this today. Its a 24" scoop that mounts on the 3 point hitch. I am FEL-less so I have been using the scoop for my basic dirt moving projects. Todays job was moving the rock pile (from the garden) so I had a clearer path to mow around the garden. Everything was taken care of with 6 or 7 scoop-fulls. This seems to be just the right size scoop for the BX as the front end did not get noticeably light for me.

Dumping the scoop was easy as I can reach the dump lever from the seat. Dont expect a neat little pile though. I tidied up the rocks with my rear blade later. This not as convenient as a FEL but for 10% of the price and a bit of sweat I can get a lot of work done.

This is a handy dandy implement if you dont have the projects or budget to justify the Front End Loader. I have a dolly made up out of 2x4s for it so its super quick to get on and off too.