As a new player, I had to learn the hard way. I have just had a close look rather than the cursory sideways galnce at the points on my spring tyne harrow. I should have turned the points long ago. I have now worn away a good part of the shank on most of the tynes. Not yet beyond repair but most of the lower bolts are gone.

I knew I had to turn the points over when required but only looked at them from the tractor seat so they looked ok. When I put it away last, I had a closer look and found the damage. Before I use them again, I will turn the points over and hope there is enough to hold them on. If not then it is going to require some welding to build up the shank again. This is going to be a PITA as I will have to bring it home as I don't have mains power to the farm.

This is a warning to other new players so they can save themselves from the trouble caused.