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    Default Removing blades on BH RDTH 60

    It's been about 5 years since I have removed blades for sharpening.

    Should the bolts be turned counterclockwise to remove. I'm getting a lot of resistance and don't want to break a bolt. I don't have a grinder to do it w/o taking them off.
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    Default Re: Removing blades on BH RDTH 60

    I didn't look to see what the recommended torque spec's are, but I'm guessing it's over 450ft-lbs. So they wont just loosen up, but they'll break loose with a snap. I did my blades this spring and I needed a friend and a 5 ft breaker bar to get the nuts off. I moved the BH to the middle of the yard and it was a good thing too. Because each time the nut's broke loose my friend ended up sitting on the ground. I now have 3/4" air ratchet to make this a bit easier.

    I'd recommend if you can get an air ratchet with enough torque that would be better.

    Oh ya, they should be Counter clock wise to loosen, just like any other nut/bolt.

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    Default Re: Removing blades on BH RDTH 60

    I looked it up at Bush Hog online, and it says 76ft-lbs.

    They come right off with an impact gun.

    Here is a link to the owners manual online.
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