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    Default FEL vehicle pusher

    With the ton of expderience and creativity on this site many have probably already found a way to use lumber to fashion an attachment to the FEL to enable it to push vehicles without damage to bumpers etc. May we see some of the setups?
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    Default Re: FEL vehicle pusher

    Because of the sweep effect the loader frame has (its ahead of the front tractor wheels by a large amount), the generally favorable method to push vehicles is with a wall of atv tires with axles mounted vertically. As you push and the vehicles articulate, the rotating tires allow relative motion. Boards will stick and scratch and dent all the areas they touch. The soft rubber tires won't. Make up a cage for the push bar and stuff some lawn & garden (or the atv) wheels, tires and axles in there. Set their level at the vehicle touch point. Set the air pressure lower than usual to have a nice friendly "touch".
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    Default Re: FEL vehicle pusher

    Why not tow with a tow strap, that's what I've done before but not w/ the FEL.
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    Default Re: FEL vehicle pusher

    I had the opportunity to push a car 45 miles a few years back.(kids are so fun)
    I used two 4x4s horizontally and two 2x4s vertical to make a frame, then took four tires and lagged them to it, I then made the push thicker by layering the tires with others attaching them to each other with small 1/4 inch bolts.Ill try to get a pic.
    It worked real smooth, alto of cushion on it, the car would get going , down hills at a good clip and when I came back up to it to start pushing more I could hit it at a good speed.

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