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    Default JD Loader Blade

    My dealer says that JD makes a 72" loader blade fro moving snow. I do not see it advertised anywhere in the website of in thier literature. Does anyone know if this is a good blade and how it compares to Curtis

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    I remember some guy having a curtis, then selling it for a blower, I think. I can't remember if he was here, or over at the compact tractor board (www.*****.com) He wan't too impressed if I remember right. Don't know about the Deere one. Both are expensive.

    I went cheap and made my own (as others have also) for about $150 or so.

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    You can find a description and diagrams of this blade on the JD online parts ordering site. They attach to the loader using the same clips and pins as the bucket and can be had with hydraulic angling, although that adds considerably to the cost. I was quoted a price of $1200 for the manual model and another $1k for the complete Hydraulic setup. They seem to be built a little more ruggedly than the Curtis blade.
    I was going to get one last winter but other priorities came up for the available funds. Might end making one using a western snowplow blade.

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