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    Default Bush Hog Finishing Mower RDTH84 needs new tires - help

    I bought a 7 ft Bush Hog brand finishing mower at an estate sale several months ago. The mower was in great shape except that the tires were dry rotting due to it setting up for the past year or so.

    I took the tires/wheels to a local tire store that does a lot of ag work to have them replaced. They replaced all four tires but since that time I have had a lot of problems with the tires deflating while the mower is in use. I believe that the tire store installed the wrong size tires (width) and that when I turn the mower hard they bead breaks and I loose air. At any rate, I have made about 6 trips to the tire store to have them rebeaded and fixed - I'm getting tires of the process.

    I went by the local Bush Hog dealer yesterday and was told that Bush Hog only sold the wheel/tire assembly and it was $82 each - I need four. The dealer had no info regarding the size of the tire.

    Does anyone have any info as to what size tire I need along with the manufacturer. The tire store is really wanting to help me get this resolved and said they would order whatever tire I felt I needed. Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated. The model number of the mower is RDTH84.

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    Default Re: Bush Hog Finishing Mower RDTH84 needs new tires - help

    You need to get away from the pneumatic tires and go to the solid ones made for that unit by Bush Hog. Sorry, but this is not a cheap process as you may have to replace the forks also because the two are different sizes. I don't know if you can go from the forks for pneumatic to solid tires, but you can not go from solid tire forks to pneumatic tires. Won't fit. I have used several types of rear finish mowers and all have had solid tires. I have also heard numerous stories about problems with the pneumatic tire use just as you are having.

    One of our members here has an outstanding website which shows all Bush Hog expanded parts diagrams. Messicks I believe. (shameless plug) Their prices are some of the best I have seen and the service is first class.

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    Default Re: Bush Hog Finishing Mower RDTH84 needs new tires - help

    Before I went to the expense of buying new tires. I would try putting more air in them and making sure that the wheels are turning as freely has they should. I mean on the casters as well rotateing. Of course hard rubber or solid tires would be better but kind of costly to change over. Good luck.

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