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    Default Bush Hog SQ84T offset

    I am considering buying the Bush Hog SQ84T cutter to cut my hay field in an effort to keep down the weeds in the fall. My tractor is a JD4700 which I think is 43hp PTO. I found a used one, one year old for 1400 but havnt looked at it yet. Does anyone have any experience with this mower? Is the offset a problem as far as the PTO driveshaft or universal joints wearing out prematurely or making excessive noise? Also, I'm wondering if the blades overlap so there is not a strip in the center which is left uncut. My lawnmower which is belt driven has the blades not overlapped so they dont hit each other but when the grass is too tall it leaves a strip uncut.

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    If you get it. Get a owners manuel for it. If it is set up correctly you should not have any problem. Just keep in mind that the SQ is the light weight series. Yes the blades overlap.

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    Default Re: Bush Hog SQ84T offset

    Some mowers are designed to be offset. I know Woods offers some models with the capability. Bush Hog has a website that may tell you if that model can be offset.

    Offsetting the Woods mower involves using a couple of factory supplied bars. Otherwise it trails just like a regular mower directly behind the tractor.

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    Default Re: Bush Hog SQ84T offset

    Haven't seen driveline troubles on this model, but the hitch A-frame doesn't like the weight of the cutter being offset. Some users make out OK, others twist the A-frame repeatedly. BH strengthened the A-frame a couple years ago, but did not cure the problem. I am a big BH fan, but would not own a SQ84T.

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    I agree: The A-frame as fabricated is simply not strong enough to resist the torsional forces caused by the offset mounting. It is the same A-frame they use on their 5' cutter. However, I just adjust my links to the side to compensate and keep mowing... It's a good unit except for needing additional steel on the A-frame...

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