I recently bought a kubota B6200 hydrostatic tractor. In addition to the rear pto it has a mid pto with the shaft facing toward the front to drive the mower from the rear. This past weekend I got a belly mower that came off of a Kubota B5200 gear drive tractor. Included with the mower was a front mount pto kit. The mower, an RC60-72, was setup to be driven from a front pto rather than a mid pto. In other words the shaft is driven from the front of the mower. The mower manual claims the mower and the pto kit is compatible with B5200, B6200 and B7200 tractors. Nothing in the mower manual's exploded views shows a different drive direction for the different mower models.

I'm wondering if the solution is as simple as unbolting the gear box and the two mounts and rotating it 180 degrees. Anyone else dealt with this?