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    Default King Kutter Finish Mower Spindles

    I have a 72" King Kutter finish mower that has the spindle bearings going out. I have replaced 1 of the spindles with a new one and would like to replace the bearings in the bad one. My question is, how do I take the spindle apart to get at the bearings?

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    Default Re: King Kutter Finish Mower Spindles

    It looks like you pull the blade bolt and spindle pulley and it has lock rings around the bearings. Hopefully I can attach the shortcut.

    I believe it's around page 38-40 or close to that.
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    Default Re: King Kutter Finish Mower Spindles

    I got a free kk finish mower and the spindles needed new bearings in them. I replaced the bearing with ones from a bearing supply house. One of the pulleys on top got loose and ruined the taper on top. I bought another spindle from KK and replaced the bad one. Many hours later the bearings in the new spindle gave out and I replaced them with new bearings and seals from the bearing house. It seems that the bearings in the spindles may not be of the same quality as aftermarket ones. If you reuse the old spindles I would use some locktite on the nut that holds the pulley on. That is what caused the pulley to come loose and ruin the taper. You have to dig the seals out to get to the lock rings. big dan

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    How do you get those keeper keys out? I have a bearing to replace myself in the next couple weeks.

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    I think they are called snap ring pliers

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