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    Default Cat. 0 vs. Cat. 1 Compatibility

    Just wondering about using existing Category 0 (non-PTO) implements on a Category 1 three point hitch in the future. I currently have a JD 318 garden tractor with a 3 point rear weight bracket (use with front snow blade). I am looking at purchasing several other Cat. 0 implements (24 dirt scoop, 48 box blade, 12 mold board plow) for different projects. I think these items will work okay with the 318 (even the box blade?). But, if I trade up to a BX-type tractor in a few years, Im not sure I will be able to use my existing attachments. Does anyone have experience with this?



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    Default Re: Cat. 0 vs. Cat. 1 Compatibility

    You may be able to bushing up to the cat 1 size, and change pins if necescary, possibly the toplink too. In effect you will be converting the tractor to cat0.. but should work ok ( even if you did just bushing it up ) but I would worry about the durability of the cat 0 implimints. Behind a real tractor. At the expense you are going to for these... are you sure you don't need a tractor now? ( Everyone needs an excuse to get a tractor! [img]/w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif[/img] )

    Other than mulch and sand... I don't know what kind of real work a boxblade on a lawnmower is going to do. I've also seen the disc's for a lawnmower, and again... they are mostly for looks...


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    Default Re: Cat. 0 vs. Cat. 1 Compatibility


    I've done it using the adapter bushings. In many cases, the smaller implement isn't very appropriate to put on the larger tractor, though. My rear blade is a "cat 0/1", where turning the pins out makes it 1, turned in it's 0. Aside from looking pathetic behind the BX, it's not nearly heavy enough to be terribly useful. My cat 0 setup had down force, so it wasn't a problem before. I'm going to be buying a heavier cat 1 blade, then sell the cat 0. One thing to keep in mind with cat 0 ground engaging implements is they might not be sturdy enough to take what a larger tractor can dish out. 4WD, added weight, and more torque adds up to more stress on the implement. A lot of cat 0 stuff I've seen would be torn apart by my BX.


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    Default Re: Cat. 0 vs. Cat. 1 Compatibility

    Hope this helps:

    Category 0
    For Tractors with up to 20 Horsepower
    Top Link Pins are 5/8 inch in Diameter
    Lift Arm Pins are 5/8 inch in Diameter

    Category 1

    For Tractors with 20 to 45 Horsepower
    Top Link Pins are 3/4 inch in Diameter
    Lift Arm Pins are 7/8 inch in Diameter

    Category 2

    For Tractors with 55-65 to 90-95 Horsepower
    Top Link Pins are 1 inch in Diameter
    Lift Arm Pins are 1 and 1/8 inch in Diameter

    Category 3

    For Tractors with 95 to 100 Horsepower and Up
    Top Link Pins are 1 and 1/4 inch in Diameter
    Lift Arm Pins are 1 and 7/16 inch in Diameter

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    Default Re: Cat. 0 vs. Cat. 1 Compatibility

    while you might be able to repalce the pins etc to use them on a BX or similar small tractor it would really be a waste of their power and your money. The small cat 0 boxblades for example, the KK cat 0 42 inch blade has only two rippers and weighs only 125 lbs, the cat 1 boxblade i use with my BX and my 2410 weighs about 350 bls or slightly less and has 4 rippers and is much stronger and far more useful. Very littlle--my opinion--that would work on the 318 would be of value on a larger tractor, even a small larger tractor like the BX.
    Good luck. I would not go overboard on attachements and implements for the 318 but then again, if you enjoy the tractor and they are useful to you now why worry excessively about the future circumstance that may never happen. J

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