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    Default Kubota Grass Catcher Problem advice

    Have had the kubota grass catcher on my BX1500 for 3 years with no problems except a few PTO shear bolt replacements. Two weeks ago while picking up leaves I thought somehow I had broken the PTO shear bolt again since the vacuum stopped working. PTO Shear bolt was Ok, so I dis-assembled the gear case (PIA - 10 bolts) and discovered one of the 2 shoulder bolts connecting the drive shaft to the two gear boxes had somehow broke. I installed a new identical shoulder bolt. And after 2 hours of picking up leaves the same shoulder bolt broke. So I've exhausted my limited knowledge on what to do next. Any ideas? The grass catcher still has less than 50 hours on it.

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    Default Re: Kubota Grass Catcher Problem advice

    My first thought is perhaps your last shear bolt replacement wasn't the proper grade? Too strong?? ...and the next weakest link are the bolts that are now busted.
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    Default Re: Kubota Grass Catcher Problem advice

    Hi Albert,

    The shoulder bolt in the bagger gear housing is subject to failure. This is a problem that is recognized by most dealers. It is ideal if you break the PTO shaft shear bolt first, to avoid the work of taking the grass catcher apart. You can use a grade 8 bolt on the bagger gear case (drill hole out to use a standard grade 8 bolt). Then use a grade 5 bolt on the upper PTO shear bolt. If you ever break it again, it will be easier to replace. (this advise was from a dealer)

    Two common causes of breaking shear bolts are 1. mowing over branches,
    and 2. Having water in the impeller housing after washing your tractor.

    Best Regards, Good Luck and Be Safe

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