I found some older threads about the Kuhns hay accumulator, and I'm getting close to making a decision about that or a Hoelscher 1000. I'll be haying Timothy small squares on 18 acres for the horse crowd, rougher ground (so don't want to drag bales, tear twine, etc) and rolling hills. I'm leaning towards the Kuhns for it's simplicity (no hydraulics). Am I realistic, or do these accumulators need lots of adjustments to set up and keep set up?
I work solo and there aren't many dealers in my area (Eastern CT) for help if things go badly.

And what part of the baler creates the ejection force that shoves the bales up the Kuhn's chute? I'm looking for a slighly used NH 565 or 570, possibly a Deere 338. Is the plunger speed important in this aspect? I have 70 HP at the PTO, so could handle any of them.

Any thoughts/opinions would be greatly appreciated by this novice!