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    Default Cat O measurements

    On a Cat 0 or cat 1 implement, can someone tell me the distance between the lift arm connectors, and the distance from the lift arm connectors to the top link connector. I'm looking for the size of the triangle.
    Homer Simpson

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    Tractor Supply Company (TSC) has a good description at Now, what you'll notice is that the distance you are seeking is not listed. Good reason, I don't believe that there is a specification for such. Cat-0's are pretty much at the mercy of the manufacturer. That is, some are notorious for creating specifications that force you to buy their equipment, at their price. (Especially if a PTO is used. They may make the direction of spin, spline, diameter and RPM speed model dependent). As you noticed (per the same source), the triangle is not specified for the other Cat's either (but a least they have a standard 540 PTO). If you look through this forum, you'll notice that even Cat-1 owners on smaller units (kubota BX, for example) can have problems spreading the arms for some implements.

    Bottom line. To be sure, measure the link spread and measure the implement, before you buy.

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    I think Roy's answered pretty well, but I'll see if I can add a bit to it. My 1997 Tractor Supply Co. printed catalog lists 3-point draw bars as being 20" between the lower links for Category 0 and 26" between the lower links for Category 1. My own brush hog and box blade keep the lower links 26" apart (of course they have to spread wider to get them onto the pins). And the other two sides of the triangle (lower link pin to top link pin) are 20" on at least those two implements.


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    The "standardized" hitch dimensions on the Implement geometry are (1) the Lower Hitch Point Span (inside to inside) and (2) Mast Height. Standards call for Cat 0 Hitch Span of 20 inches and Mast Height of 12 inches. For Cat I, the standard for Hitch Span is 26 inches and for Mast Height is 18 inches. Even though these are Standards, manufacturers of Cat 0 and Cat I implements seldom follow them exactly. In particular Mast Height varies all over the place from one implement to the next. There are similar standards for Cat II and larger for ag tractors that the manufacturers tend to adhere to more closely. I have found that when considering if a given Cat 0 or Cat I implement will attach to a given tractor, simple trial-and-error is often required.

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    Perfect!!!! That's exactly what I was looking for. I've seen some small tractors with Cat 0 hitches, some look bigger than others. Some implements are for Cat 0 or 1, some just for Cat 1. I figured Cat 0 would be subject to manufacture's discretion. Thanks again for the great info.
    Homer J. Simpson

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