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    I'm looking to buy a Befco T40 58" tiller to do some gardening and putting in my lawn. The model available at the dealer has a shear pin rather than the slip clutch. Anyone have any opinions, pros or cons, for the shear pin vs. the slip clutch?


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    I have this tiller. I opted for the slip clutch and after using the tiller I am glad I did. I didn't know that there were so many rocks and roots hiding just below the surface of my field!! The slip clutch should be easy enough add to the tiller. The Befco just spits out everything and the slip clutch works great. Good luck.


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    Considered to have your dealer take a look at a First Choice ?
    They have a clutch as STANDARD and 6 blades per flange.
    Powder painted, your choice of color, and generally much less expensive than Befco.

    Your dealer can reach them at 888-945-3102.

    Good luck !

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    I have the T 30 with shear pin safety. You can use 1/4 inch soft bolts. I have probably replaced 15 bolts in 100 hours of use. I hit rocks and roots.

    I don't consider it a big problem. But I did take one end of the PTO guard off the facilitate shear bolt replacement. I never go close to the PTO with the tractor running.

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