Looking for some input on a rotary cutter. I just upgraded to a DK40 from a TC29D and I am also going to upgrade rotary cutters. Right now I have a Bush Hog Razorback 60" cutter, and I am seriously looking at a Rhino 172 72" cutter. Does anyone have any experience with the Rhino? It was between the Rhino and the Bush Hog Squealer 72" cutter, and I think I can get the Rhino a little cheaper. Plus, the dealer that carries the Bush Hog has not been very helpful to me (ever). They are usually rude and don't seem to want to take time to deal. They have that reputation around here amongst many people. Dealer support means alot to me so that is why I am choosing the Rhino. Anyone have this cutter that can chime in? Thanks!