I have a kubota B7100 with a Woods DuAl 145 loader, and would like to put pallet forks on it for move small pallets of firewood. This is a pretty limited setup, as only has a lift capacity of about 700 lbs in the bucket, so I know I'll need to keep the loads small. I also know that putting add-on forks on the bucket will limit me much more, so I want to either get forks that pin directly onto the loader arm in place of the bucket, or maybe put a quick attach system directly on the load arms, along with a set of forks that will mount to that system, and then maybe have my bucket modified to work with the QA as well.

I'd like to keep the costs as reasonable as possible, so I don't mind not have QA if it can save me a good amount of money.

I've also considered buying a set of bare 36" forks on ebay, and then going to a local fabricator to just have something made.

Any suggestions? What solutions TBNers implemented?