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    Default What bush hog for my Kubota M7040?


    I am wanting to buy a bush hog to use on my 90 acre farm. Any suggestions about size, brand, clutch, etc.? I looked at a 7' Modern galvanized 3pt. cutter w/o front and rear chains (extra $) for $2760 at our local kubota dealer. They also have a used/repainted (decent shape) 10' pull type land pride with the airplane tires for $3400. The local Co-Op sells an 8' (brand ?) 3pt. cutter w/ 7ga. deck for $2575. They also have the pull bar version w/ hyd. hoses for $4139.

    I run a lawn and landscape business that I may occasionally need to use this on for pasture land also, so that may an influence on what I need to purchase.


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    Default Re: What bush hog for my Kubota M7040?

    i personally would go with a bush hog 297. comes standard with slip clutch, and chains are optional(it does come with a rubber guard on front and back but you won't get as good of a cut with this). these guys originated bush hogging, and in my opinion is the best brand of mower out there. you said you may use it commercially sometimes? that is where parts availibility comes into play, time is money to you, so getting those availible parts quickly is what bush hog does well. this is coming from a guy who WANTED a bush hog 296 but owns a John Deere MX6(long story). ask Farmwithjunk what he thinks about Bush Hog mowers. not only does he use several of them in his mowing business, i think he absolutley swears by them.
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    Default Re: What bush hog for my Kubota M7040?

    I have a small landscaping company on the side, I mostly do bush hogging and pasture work. I currently use a kubota M5400 58 Engine HP / 50 PTO HP for my bush hogging tractor. I have used about every brand name and configuration of rotary cutter ( aka bush hog ) on the market. With 90 acres you need something big. I would look into something like a Bush Hog legend 2615L, this is a 15 ft batwing mower. Your 7040 will have plenty of power to run it. You also mention you may need to transport it. If so you need to keep in mind the widest thing you can transport without a special permit is 8 ft 6 inches. So that limits you to a 8 ft model. Unless you go with a batwing type mower. I don't like the 7 ft cutters because they are a single spindle. They are very long and heavy, and eat up the horse power. A dual spindle 8 ft is lighter and uses less horsepower than a single spindle 7 footer. The 8 ft will also give you a cleaner cut. Pull type mowers are great for wide open areas, but are difficult to get on and off a trailer in a timely manner. So again if this is something you are going to transport I would stay with a 3 pt. lift type.

    As far as brands go I like "Bush Hog", "Brown" , and "Kodiak". "Landpride" and "Woods" are OK, nothing bad to say about them. I had a "Rhino" that was very disappointing, I'll never have another one.

    I currently use a 8 ft twin spindle Kodiak behind my M5400. I'm very pleased with it. Cuts well, heavy enough for the abuse, but not to heavy to move around easily. It's actually 8 ft 4.5 inches wide when you count the skids.

    Maybe "farmwithjunk" will jump in on this, he does commercial mowing and has a wealth of info. on the subject.

    BTW, there is a M7040 on my local "craigslist" with cab and "AIR CONDITIONING" that I have been drooling over. Or I should say "sweating" over.
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    Default Re: What bush hog for my Kubota M7040?

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    Default Re: What bush hog for my Kubota M7040?

    Bush Hog brand mowers.

    Your 70hp should easily pull a 12 or 15 footer.

    My NH TN75 (75HP) pulls a 15' batwing all day long.

    If it's 5' tall it pulls it slower, but typically not a problem.

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    Default Re: What bush hog for my Kubota M7040?

    I have a T-104 Bush-Whacker and have been very happy with it. I was disappointed with my last Bush Hog brand mower. But that had more to do with the dealer that sold me the mower. I still have the 5' Bush Hog... just can't bare to part with it.

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