Boxblade owners i need your help.

I found a local company making custom build box blades. They are mainly in AG business so big implements are their core business. A 4ft small tractor box blade would cost me 450 USD.
Delivery time 6 days and the guy asked me what i need as specs.

His stock item is grade wise build as a bush hog SBX 72 boxblade (some minor differences, but a heavy well made construction). This is a fairly standard fix box blade, no tilt or hydraulic lift or whatever.

So my question to you:

If you had to improve your boxblade what things you would change or add construction wise?

(weight connecting holes or pins, implement attachments for behind the box blade (a roll for example).... no idea but all is possible)

The guy is not going to put extra hydraulics on it but can put the mountings for it or add more metal where it would come in handy.

I want to confirm my order tomorrow so any immediate input is highly appreciated!