Somehow, I ended up at school again when a new attachment is at the house.
Dad decided to use the tractor redo part of his lawn at his house- (I'm redoing my lawn at the end of August) and we talked about a roller for the tractor, but only could find the smaller ones. Keith at Betst had one for a 3 point; it caught my eye, but wasn't ready to fork out the money for it- don't remember what I was originally quoted, but it seemed a bit high so it was on hold. I stopped in last week and verified the price; he said 450. That was more reasonable, but still not ready to buy.
Well, Dad decided he wanted it for his lawn to start, so he went up and talked to Keith; told Keith he would buy it if he gave him a good deal. He said 350.
Dad said sold and mom tried to write a check for 250, but didn't get away with it.
Its about the diameter of a 55 gallon drum, but longer- 5' I think. it weighs 150 empty, we guess 700 more water weight. the nice thing is that it mounts to the three point, so the tractor can transport it full.
Anyway, Pictures soon, when I get home to check it out.