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    Default John Deere 2520 Mid PTO Power Washer, Pressure Washer

    Just a quick writeup. I was searching a while back for a PTO power washer and I saw that there were some brief discussions of people trying to make a belt driven or gear box power washer for there three point hitch.

    Here is a link to a youtube video I posted for those that are interested...

    YouTube - John Deere Tractor Mid Mount PTO Powerwasher

    I decided that a much better solution for my tractor at least was to make a mount that utilizes the John Deere 2520 Mid Mount PTO that spins at 2100 RPM.

    I purchased a comet pump that produces 4000 psi with 5.6 GPM at 1750rpm, with an Suttner 280 unloader from, from Dultmeier Sales: Wholesale, B to B equipment, supplies, and parts for Carwash, Truck Wash, Mobile Cleaning, Agricultural, Lawn/Turf Care, Golf Course Maintenance, Liquid Deice/Anti-Ice, Liquid Chemical & Fuel Handling, Right-Of-Way Spraying, and Gene. Get them to send you a left hand pump.

    From Drive Line Service I purchased the quick connect for the mid pto and the correct yokes to attach to the pump as well as the pto connection.

    I took a Sunday's worth of welding to create a bracket that perfectedly holds the pump in line with the pto shaft. The purpose of the U joints make installation of the pump much easer.

    My bracket on on the bottom of the tractor only has one pin holding it in or order to facilitate quickly disconnecting it.

    I purchased all the attachement parts for the unloader/hoses/wand etc. from either lowes or northerntool. I also welded a nutt to the side of the tractor were a female air compressor connection allows for a quick connect of the unloader. All the unloader parts are quick connect so when you go to connect the pump you don't have to deal with the extra hoses/weight etc...

    All said and done this set me back about $800, includes 100ft 3/8 4000psi hose and 5000psi wand.

    The tractor at idle will run the pump at 3500psi, and @ 2000rpm the pump will put out the full 4000psi.
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    Default Re: John Deere 2520 Mid PTO Power Washer, Pressure Washer

    Welcome to TBN

    That is a awesome project you did there! I have wanted to make a 3PH PTO driven pressure washer for some time myself...

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    Default Re: John Deere 2520 Mid PTO Power Washer, Pressure Washer

    You are an inspiration. I am considering doing the same thing on my kubota bx25. I see some pumps are rated at 3400rpm as well as the ones at 1750.

    I was wondering how your system is holding up after a couple years of use.

    My math is telling me that when my engine is running at 2130 RPM the pump would be at 1750 RPM thus to get 3400 rpm at the pump the Tractor RPM would have to be 2794 (1.2172:1 ratio) which should not be to hard on the tractor.

    Would just like your opinion of "If you were to do it again" what changes would you make if any. I would like put together a hot water set up if possible. I really like your set up and trust your advice..Parts are insane expensive for the orange or the green.


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