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    Default JD 71 Flex or 7000 planter

    I need to update my old corn planter soon. Could someone explain to me the pros & cons between the 71 Flex and 7000 series planters. I will be planting corn and pumpkins I've been told that a 7000 can plant pumpkins, is this true? Also, the planter needs to be a 2 row but I'm having trouble locating a 2 row 7000 3pt hitch on the internet for sale. I'll be planting roughly 15 acres, mostly small plots (Indian Corn) & I'm afraid that if I go with a 4 row I'll spend more time turning around than planting. Any suggestions? Thanks & God Bless!!

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    Default Re: JD 71 Flex or 7000 planter

    15 acres will keep you busy with a two row planter. I have a four row flex planter for sale on ebay right now to take a look at. No doubt about it. I build planters out of the 71 flex planter units and the main benefit is the simplicity and flexibility of crops and the portability. The 7000/maximerge planters have the benefit of being heavier so if you are no till planting they are definately better for that. If you get the maximerge planter that uses the plates you could definately plant the pumpkins but don't know if the finger models would work or not.

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    Default Re: JD 71 Flex or 7000 planter

    The 7000 series was made as a 4 row or bigger planter. Some cut them down to 2 row pull type, some rig them up as 2 row on a 3pt bar & a drive wheel. Big bucks for what you get. The finger planter & the depth gauge wheels of the 7000 is about the best there is, wonderful planter.

    The 71 planter units are individual - they drive off the rear packer wheel, so you just bolt them on a 3pt bar & good to go. A little older technology, with the plates. Work fine tho.

    With 2 row you have to turn around so sharp, drive back in your own track - seem to compact the ground a lot. A 4 row you can get something done - if you have the tractor to pull it. Needs about 27-30 hp to pull a 4 row, little more would be good but that's enough.


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