I have been viewing this website for a while but have not yet posted a question, this is my first. I can't believe what a wealth of knowledge is found here. I have learned alot. Thanks in advance.

I am currently in the market for a disk harrow (DH) for my JD 790 (27 HP Tractor with front end loader and R4 tires). I'm leaning toward a 5'9" Leinbach 300s 16 20 Disk Harrow. It weighs about 695 lbs. My main question is, are the 20" disks on this DH too large to be sufficiently lifted by my tractor (because of heighth). I would prefer 18" disks but haven't found any in my area. What are the advantages of using the 20s over the 18s if they are usable on this tractor. Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated. I live in a rural area of N. Florida with sandy loam soil. Some rock is close to the surface.

Thanks again