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    Default Gas log splitter or 3PH?

    I am ready to upgrade from maul and small electric log splitter to something better, I'm leaning towards a hydraulic log splitter that will hook up to my 3ph on the back of my tractor although I have never used one and don't know anyone around here that has one, I have'nt ruled out a gas powered log splitter, so I was hoping that some of you all could give me some advice on what you like and why, pros and cons, any info appreciated.

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    Default Re: Gas log splitter or 3PH?

    The gas engine powered log splitter is always ready to go even if the tractor is needed elsewhere, lower fuel cost, etc. It can be towed into softer wetter places with an atv where you wouldn't want to bring the tractor, at least up here in the spring around breakup, and it can get into tighter places than the tractor. Just my .02 based on the conditions I have to deal with.
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    Default Re: Gas log splitter or 3PH?

    Most 3pt splitters are pretty slow unless you get a pto pump. Sure don't need to run a tractor to split logs , I went with a super split : Log Splitter, Wood Splitter - Super Split(R)
    nice height so you don't have to bend over all the time and boy is it fast ! Love it.
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    Default Re: Gas log splitter or 3PH?

    I personally love my 3pt hitch log splitter by speeco, I only have to run my machine at 1500 rpm and it has just as fast of a cycle time as my dads 30 ton gas unit, according to pump specs from SpeeCo my machine makes the splitter push 20 tons, I like the 3 pt because when I go into the woods I can still tow my trailer behind the tractor, that way as I split I throw it in the trailer and haul it away plus it makes a nice counter weight!

    Just my .02 worth

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    Default Re: Gas log splitter or 3PH?

    We only heat the house with wood so I bought a 3-PT hydraulic splitter about 20 cords ago. I do like to be able to raise/lower the table depending on the size of the round and the ever changing condition of my back. It's a very simple tool without the investment in another engine to feed and take care of.

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    Default Re: Gas log splitter or 3PH?

    I have both,they both have advantages. You can easily transport the 3 point just about anywhere,and you can raise and lower it. The big disadvantages are it uses more fuel,and runs the hours up on a pretty expensive piece of equipment,and runs slower. The gas powered splitter is cheaper to run and can be positioned at a good spot and height,for comfort and accessibility,to bring the rounds to it. If you have a FEL you can lift several rounds to the hight of the splitter,split them and then simply put them back on the FEL and take them where you want. I used the 3 point for years,but have not used it since I got my stand alone. It simply splits more wood in less time and is easier to use. If I do have engine trouble,I can replace the engine(if need be) for about $300.00 dollars. tractor repairs tend to run higher. I can run about 4 to 6 hours on a gallon of gas,it is simple to fill and easy to run. I can leave other attachments hooked to the three point,like a blade or forks. With forks I can bring logs to the splitting point,cut them to length on the forks and take them away with the FEL, split and ready to dump or stack. I can also move that stand alone with any machine with a 2 " ball. Truck,ATV or Tractor. Being able to tow it with a truck allows me to get a load of wood cut and split miles away. Loading a truck is always easier when the wood is split and the mess stays where you split it.

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    Default Re: Gas log splitter or 3PH?

    I've already got two generators, two push mowers, a lawn tractor, string trimmer, a chain saw, and three trailers. My 45 hp tractor tractor is already is already equipped with hydraulic remotes and hydraulic toplink, the 35hp with a front loader. I saw no sense in buying yet one more small engine to feed and maintain. The tow behind type basically represents yet another trailer to maintain as well. Plus a TPH type typically costs less than a similarly rated self-powered type. So I went with a horizontal/vertical SpeeCo TPH splitter - and will never regret the decision.

    Fuel consumption and cycle speed are non-issues to me. The 45hp diesel running ~1100 RPM splits everything and everything I've thrown at it. Until you reach pump capacity, cylinder cycle speed is dictated by tractor engine RPM. In my case, the splitter cycle speed at 1100 tractor RPM is quite acceptable. It's a 2650 rpm diesel, so idling along at 1100 rpm only racks up 1 hour on the meter for every 2.4 hours of actual splitting. And during that time, I might go through a gallon of fuel. I have no empirical evidence to support this, but I'll speculate that's less than a self-powered splitter would consume in the same amount of time..

    But if your tractor is not already equipped with hydraulic remotes, the price advantage and portability of a TPH type goes out the window. They're not cheap to install. Had I not already owned a remote-equipped tractor, a decision to go self-powered splitter would have been a no-brainer.

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    Default Re: Gas log splitter or 3PH?

    I have had 2 stand alone splitters . First I sold to a brother , since at that time I had replaced wood stove with a pellet type . Second is a Harbor Freight 24 ton model that was purchased 4 maybe 5 years ago for $850 .

    Had considered a 3 point , but did not want to tie up the tractor , since we use the FEL to move the split wood . Not sure about the 3 points , but my stand alone is a horizontal / vertical model . When you get into big wood , just flop the round in front of the splitter and go for it . We actually split all our wood in the vertical position , saves my 50 year old back a lot .

    Fred H.

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    Default Re: Gas log splitter or 3PH?

    I can't imagine lifting every piece wood to put on a splitter...vertical is the only way I can use one...
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    Default Re: Gas log splitter or 3PH?

    Quote Originally Posted by greg_g View Post

    It's a 2650 rpm diesel, so idling along at 1100 rpm only racks up 1 hour on the meter for every 2.4 hours of actual splitting.

    Whaaat? Are you sure about that. Although Einstein proved that time is relative, I'm not so sure that tractor hours are computed that way.

    An hour is recorded on the meter for each hour the tractor is running regardless of the RPM.
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