I just purchased a 2007 JD 348 Square Baler with wire tie with less than 1000 bales having gone thru it from a local estate sale. I gave $11,000.00 for it because I knew there would be some expenses that were not to be foreseen. I have a JD 4440 with a standard drawbar (I think it is called a Cat 4 hitch drawbar, but not sure) and the new baler has a category 5 new style tongue... is there a conversion piece made for this or must I switch out my drawbar on the tractor... naturally I want to avoid running the long 6" x 1' bolt with 2 nuts like my buddies have suggested... I would rather get the right converter or adapter???

Thanks for your suggestions or whatever this piece of equipment is called for I am clueless...

Thanks in advance,

Marc 817-919-5550