For those of you interested in fabracation of brackets, levers, handles, etc. Or just general metalworking go visit the site at There you will find a "Compact Bender" that is an amazing shop tool. Almost unlimited uses and makes professional pieces at a reasonable cost. They also have some other (ring roller, etc.) nice fabracation tools.

I am in the maintenance profession and have been for 28 years. 20 years actually bending wrenches (mechanic) on equipment of various types in a manufacturing plant. 8 years ago went into Management and yes I do regret it sometimes but my arthritis is better now. Our Plant Maint. Dept. has 150 employees at various levels ranging from Electronic Technicicans to General Mechanics. I purchased this machine with some extra dies and the leverage multiplier for our Plant Shop. I was so impressed with the ease of operation and professional end product that I have since bought the basic compact bender for my home shop. When I retire and can no longer "borrow" the extra dies my Plant shop has I'm sure to purchase extra for me.

Now don't go beating me up if you look at the web site and fall in love with this thing and spend $200 - $800 and then gripe because you should have bought an implement for your tractor instead. MChalkey will probably have to haveone just to make headlight brackets. **** maybe I can make some tiltmeter brackets and sell em to RB to offset my investment.

Go look and if you buy let us all know how it works for you.