Just looked at a red 6 ft tiller at the local TSC store. Had TSC labelling all over it but only the TSC tag had a little "KK" written in the corner. Construction of the tiller looked much more finished than the yellow-orange KK 5 ft units also at TSC. The metal prep and paint looked like it must have been made by someone completely different. The paint actually looked like it had some depth to it and was perfectly flat. The welds, cutting of the steel pieces, everything about it looked much better than the typical KK. The drive was still completely gear from one side and it came with the standard KK slip clutch. Price was $1250. Has anyone else seen, ever used, or know anything about this unit. For only $250 more it seems like a heck of a deal on top of the already reasonably priced KK 5 ft unit for $990.