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    Default Gill Pulverizer

    Has anyone used one of these and how good are they for smoothing and breaking up the chunks? How does the single roller fare as compared to the double roller? Is the soil ready for seed after using one of these??? I know it's no Harley Rake but is 1/4th the price. Thankd..

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    Default Re: Gill Pulverizer

    Not a Gill but I am happy with my single roller. If you are working just dirt and not grass clumps it works well. With grass clumps more passes are needed to break them up. Double roller would likely be an asset.
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    Default Re: Gill Pulverizer

    I use one and it does a great job. I've never used a double roller so I don't know what the difference would be. With dry soil the seedbed is ready for seeding when you are done. In wet or muddy conditions you will tend to get clumping which may eventually break up some with multiple passes, depending on how wet the soil is.
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    Default Re: Gill Pulverizer

    I have a 72" double-roller Gill Pulverizer that I use behind my kubota B3030. I use it to smooth and prep for grass seeding after tilling.

    The Gill could probably do more than I do with it, but it's in pretty rough shape. It's missing most of the teeth and the springs that push down the rollers. Nevertheless, it works well to break up the clods left over after tilling, and to smooth out the uneven areas with the I-beam frame.

    Not sure how far you'd get with it in an area that's had no other prep (plowing, discing, tilling, etc...).

    Unprepped grass/weeds could be tough. Unprepped dirt, easier.
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