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    Default Jinma chipper first experience.

    The chipper came in a crate partially disassembled. I followed the instruction and assembled all parts. While attempting to grease all points as per the manual I found that the Chinese zerks are somewhat smaller so alignment of the gun is essential to get grease in instead around.
    I checked alignment of the pulleys and found them quite angularly misaligned.
    When checking the gap between the anvil and the cutting knives each knife had different gap. Therefore I set the gap to the smallest recommended value for the closest knife.
    It took me pretty much all day to assemble it all together, adjust all points, tighten all bolts and grease all the bearings. I also had a trouble with the PTO shaft. Female spline on one of the end of the PTO shaft wouldn't slide on the male spline. I found that the latch pin has too large diameter. Therefore I had removed it, file it to smaller diameter and put it all back together. Then I hook it up to the tractor and run it for about 5 minutes. It run quiet and without vibrations. While checking temperature of all bearings and found them only slightly warmer.

    I chipped about 6 hours today and made about two cubic yards of chips. Some of the wood was very hard hedge tree. The chipper chipped better than expected but not without issues. The belt of the feed roller slipped of the pulleys once. I suspect that piece of wood caused that. The emergency feed stop didn't work and will require some adjustment.

    The conclusion:
    The chipper works. It chips 4 wood and small branches as well with ease and doesn稚 clog.
    You have to finish it before use. Not all parts fit and require small modifications. The welds are rather poor quality and I expect some will break and require repairs in the future. The feed roller mechanism could lock up at certain angles of the roller making the drive belt smoke.

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    Default Re: Jinma chipper first experience.

    Do a search and you will find lots of information, necessary modifications and other useful information about the Jinma Chipper. The feed roller belt can be protected with a simple cover made of cardboard and duct tape. Did that to mine two years ago and it is still working just fine. Will eventually fabricate one from metal once the cardboard and tape fails.
    Welcome to Happy Jinma Chipper Club!

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    Default Re: Jinma chipper first experience.

    I bought a liberty chipper which I think is the same thing. I had the same issue with the belt comming off, I made a metal plate that bolts right on. Have not used it again to see if it helps but I think it will. I also noticed how out of alighnment things were. The big set of belts are alighned but still noticed a lot of rubber dust. Not sure if the belts may be too tight.

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    Default Re: Jinma chipper first experience.

    Redneck in Training

    Sounds like a typical first day. You might also want to get a new set of blades for the shelf. After about 30 hours, I have one blade that is chewed up pretty well.

    I have not seen the feed roller jamb sideways on my rig and I have fed some large stuff into it. You may want to look at the alignment and the two return springs carefully. My emergency shutoff does not work either. It will stop the feed as long as you stand there and hold it. I need to put some sort of detent on it to make it hold in place.

    Good luck, I have talked with people that have over 200 chipping hours on their Jinma's and they are still going strong.

    By the way I have bought parts from Circle Tractor and found them very good. Not that others may not be, but I found these folks very good.
    Port Orchard, WA
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