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    Default Dearborn 10-10 2 furrow plow Price?

    I'm looking at a Dearborn 10-10 2 furrow plow and the guy is asking $400 canadian dollars...will not budge on price. It is all intact and not bent. Also there is minimal wear on the furrows.

    Anybody tell me if this is a decent price?

    Any responses appreciated

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    Default Re: Dearborn 10-10 2 furrow plow Price?

    most 2 bottom plows on craigslist around central IL go for 2-300 US. The less complete ones (without coulters etc) are on the lower end but many complete ready to plow ones are still far less than $400 US.

    depends on how bad you need/want it i suppose. IE can you afford to wait for another one thats cheeper to come along.
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    Default Re: Dearborn 10-10 2 furrow plow Price?

    The model 10-10 had 10" bottoms. That's fairly uncommon here, with most being 12" or 14". That would work well on a smaller tractor though, but would be a shallow plow cutting 5" or so deep. If it has the coulters and rolling landside all in good shape, I would say it is slightly high for my area. But if you want one, is it worth looking for the next 2 years to save $100? That's your decision.
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    Default Re: Dearborn 10-10 2 furrow plow Price?

    A decent price is all up to you. If you need it, or have to have it, then what is a few dollars here or there.
    It is what the guy wants if he is going to sell it. Up to you if you are going to pay it.

    Hope it is what you want.

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    Default Re: Dearborn 10-10 2 furrow plow Price?

    You might check before you buy to see if new points and moldboards are available, and what price they are. Around here, our soil is really rocky and I wear out points in 15-20 acres of plowing. That takes me a couple years, but points for my plow are readily available and less than $17.00 each. Some of those Dearborn parts are really high priced.

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