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    Default Square baler safety question

    Hi, me again, I have a safety question re operation of my NH 310 Baler.

    I understand and will always follow the rule around disengaement of the pto etc before going anywhere near my baler (or bine for that matter).

    My question is, is there anything on my Baler that is spring loaded and even if not being driven by the pto, it could be triggered thereby causing injury (or worse). I dont want to be back in the shed or field (pto disengaged) clearing the hay from the baler, only to trigger some realease that launches a knife or something and lops off one of my limbs.

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    Default Re: Square baler safety question

    I can,t say what the NH has but doubt there is a problem,the last square baler I used was a deere and as long as the shaft is not rotating no problem.Not to say you still could,nt get a nick or scrape from a tine or sharp edge some where but I don,t think there is too much to fear in a stopped baler.Dave

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    Default Re: Square baler safety question

    Relative got some bad nerve damage from a JD pan bale thrower. I don't think NH uses that type of thrower.

    There can be some tention on the pto, it will want to often spin backwards for a few rotations when you unhook it. This can make unhooking it difficult, and there is a small risk to someone standing by the flywheel that they could get pinched by it. Small, small risk.

    Otherwise it basically doesn't do much unless you are actually spinning the pto, the needles move fast, but only if the pto is turning, etc.

    I know of someone who knows someone who laid under the baler, asked his kid to start the baler to see what was wrong... He was laying under the plunger area, the plunger arm came down & killed him. But - that's with the thing running. Cruel world, we have to keep thinking.....


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