Got my flail mower in new yesterday, packaged in shrink wrap on a pallet. My first mowing was tonite. I was worried if I would have enough power to run a 72" flail with 25 PTO HP, but it went through 3' high thick grass without a problem. After reading the thread about belts burning up, I was curious. The Del Morino has 2 v-belts, after mowing the high stuff for an hour the belt guard was cool to the touch, but the gearbox was blistering hot. It says "Made in China for Comer" on the gearbox. I hope the Chinese made it good??? I was wishing I had put synthetic in it.

The cut is worse than a finish mower on the grass that I used to finish mow, but it is much better than a "bush hog" on the thick stuff. It's a compromise I expected after reading the massive flail mowing threads.

"Islandtractor" should be made an honorary citizen of Italy for all the business he has sent there way.