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    Default Manure spreader liner

    After the extensive discussion regarding oiling the deck of a spreader, I decided to take Stovepoker up on his offer of some teflon cloth.
    I finished installing it last week, and while I'd love to say the installation was a snap, it wasn't. That cloth don't stick to nothin. I finally settled on strips of Delron running lengthwise to hold the cloth in place, and screws thru the Delron and cloth. I also added half round Delron conveyor guides under the crossbars to minimize drag on the cloth, and eliminate any possible tearing.
    I loaded the spreader with the standard load, and took it for a spin around the field. All I can say is the $h*^ flew. Evidently, the power saved because the chains didn't have to drag product along the floor transferred to the spinner. On the second load, I piled it high as I could, and got the same results.
    The best part was there was nothing left on the floor when I got back to the pile, unlike when I just had a wood floor.
    I can't wait to see how this liner works on frozen manure.

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    Default Re: Manure spreader liner

    We had a Gehl side slinger w/ the poly
    liner and everything slides down and out too.
    It was so slick couldn't stand on the sides.

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    Default Re: Manure spreader liner

    Franz, any pictures of this installation?

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