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    Default Re: Bush Hog finish mower.....???

    Not trying to start something, but in your original post you say "I used the mower at the begining of this year, all was fine." If you used it for a while and had no problems then their is a good chance that he didn't have the problems either. Also like someone else said above when buying used or new for that matter you should check all the fluid levels before use.

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    Default Re: Bush Hog finish mower.....???

    Quote Originally Posted by LD1 View Post
    If he didn't tell you anything, how can you be certain that HE was having problems.

    Maybe he wasn't mowing as heavy of grass??
    Maybe he wasnt running a full 540 rpm??
    Maybe he had the belt tension adjusted differently???
    Maybe the belt has deteriorated significantly since he last used it????
    OR..............Maybe he did know and that is why he is selling???????

    TOO many variables.
    ...I mow regular grass, nothing thick, and after careful inspection of the belt, it was bad. Bad enough that it probably should have broken. It was like that the day I bought it.
    New belt , new seals and I am good to go.

    I agree that there were too many varibles, but I would find it very hard to believe that he didnt know what was up. I dont care that much about putting money into it, but a heads up on any problems is the proper way of doing business. I would have paid the same amount for the mower regardless.
    ...I have all the answers, can you wait a minute while I ask my wife?

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    Default Re: Bush Hog finish mower.....???

    Quote Originally Posted by SABULA FARMER View Post
    Ok I bought a used 60" bush hog rear discharge finish mower. I am beside myself. The guy I bought it from was a mechanic and the things I found wrong are bewildering.
    I used the mower at the begining of this year, all was fine. I noticed oil pouring out of the counter shaft seal...dude had the oil filled clean to the top of the gear box...not good. I replaced the seal, all seems good there so far. Now I keep throwing the belt? Why? I adjusted the tension so the belt was tight, but I used it tonight for about 15 minutes and it threw it. Is it a bad belt? Bad pulley? what can cause this? It has to be something simple, I dont see anything wrong or I should say anything obvious.
    Check to see if the guide bolts are installed; there should be a stud bolt with lock nut screwed into the deck outside the two outboard pulleys. hope this helps if you have questions questions e-mail

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    Default Re: Bush Hog finish mower.....???

    i think your 2 years late. Hopefully he figured it out already!!!
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