Just thought I'd share my experience cause I remember how much these little reviews help me when I need to choose what and where to buy.

May 2010 I was looking for a wood chipper. I don't have any extra cash to spend on brand names but I wanted a bulletproof machine because we're a farm and I already have enough things that need fixing/kinda work laying around. I read like a hundred posts on TBN and almost decided to get a Jinma but then I checked on E-bay and found Woodward Crossings (a few people left very good reviews about them here on TBN) and realized that I can buy Wallenstein BX42 for just a few hundreds more and given the difference in specs I went with the Wally of course.

First, Woodward Crossings - super fast shipping, very good price, uber nice and efficient customer service and yes, there is a real person there who actually cares. They found the cheapest and most convenient way to ship the thing and I think it was here the same week I placed the order. Their price was also better than a few others guys out there and they had a discount for paying by check. All together - $2399 plus shipping.

Second, the chipper itself. Wallenstein BX42 that is - just logged 50 hours on it today. The thing is plain scary - as soon as the knives grabs on something, it disappears inside very fast. I actually do mulching with two people now - one feeding the chipper, the other bringing the branches, cause that's the only way to make sure the chipper is busy 100% of the time, it's that fast. We mostly chip oak, green and dry and some FL pine as well. Only had two little problems with the chipper - 1) it clogged with green leaves once (cleaning took 10 minutes, knives adjustment per advice on this website - another 10 minutes, never had the problem since and 2) paint was chipping on the chute, asked Woodward Crossings people for some paint and got a new chute from Wally.

Also, since I usually just read don't write much - many thanks to all people who write their reviews here. That's how I've chosen my tractor (kubota, of course ) and most of the implements. Thanks, guys