I spent a large part of the weekend at my buddy Johns, repairing a set of disc harrows. 8 new bearings, weldup all the grooves in the axle shafts and replace some rusted or broken bolts. went relatively painless. we pulled one shaft apart to get the bearings to take to the parts house and to look at the condition of the shaft, well we got the bearings and I took the first shaft to my other buddies house where my mig welder resides, to weld it up and bring the mig back to weld the other 3, and John and his sons disassembled the other 3 gangs. Sunday morning we started assembly around 9:30 and by 2 the tractor was back in its barn, the tools were put away and the floors were swept. I wish I hadnt left my camera at the office. it would have been a great project to share, maybe next time