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    Default Re: Replacement Cutting Edge

    have you looked at an old cat grader edge as the holes are off center an thay give them away when worn down

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    Default Re: Replacement Cutting Edge

    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Fowler View Post
    If you have a hardened steel cutting blade, I wouldnt recommend welding on it unless you plan to heat treat it afterward. It would likely be very brittle and the first time you hit something with it, it would probable snap off the weld. Just get yourself a new bolt on blade and fix it right. As said many of the county road grader blade can be used for this and you can get them free in most places.
    i weld cutting edges all the time; at work, and at home. i have never had a brittleness problem, nor had one break back off
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    Default Re: Replacement Cutting Edge

    Most of that kind of steel is alloyed for toughness, not so much hardness. The pieces I made my post hole auger cutting edges from were tool steel, the natural hardness was around 29 Rockwell, when hardened they came up to just under 45 Rockwell. That was heating and quenching in oil, by folk that do it for a living.

    I'd say if you welded a new edge in place on the old one, if it would fit half decently, as long as you didn't quench the hot metal you'd be fine as it would tend to soften the welded area if anything.

    There's one way to find out for sure, although I'd be tempted to make the new piece fit in place of the old cutting edge if at all possible.

    I'll be doing the same thing in a few years myself, my rear blade is getting worn down a bit on the second cutting edge surface (mine IS reversible). I'm starting to look now for a freebie piece of grader blade for that occasion.


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