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    Liberty Backhoe-1009121307-01-jpgNo problem. The top link is under strain when the machine is in transit and I did build a support bracket to reinforce the top link when I am driving on rough terrain. If you had seen the kind of stuff that linkage has lifted and/or jerked out of the ground these past 30 years you might understand why it doesn't concern me. A neighbor once moved his 60x12 mobile home with it (albeit less than 10'- and without my permission) to get clear of his lateral lines. As far as operating the backhoe without that top link pin, no for obvious reasons. The 500lb tiller seems to put a lot more strain on it, but time will tell I suppose. If you don't need a backhoe everyday but like me can use one a couple of times a month, I recommend this five foot Liberty. I went out of my way to find fault with it, but it is solidly built and has worked well in our notorious black clay soil. If you need to dig more than 4' deep or dig everyday then of course a machine more suitable should be considered. I would never spend $9000- $12,000 on a small tractor backhoe when you can pick up a used Bobcat or Teikuchi for the same money and save your tractor for other work.

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    Glad your setup is sturdy and holds up well. Unfortunately, a lot of other folks have not had such good luck: (sixth post down) (See msg #24)

    I'll give you that if you are doing trenching or other work where you use the crowd extensively, a lot of the force of the backhoe's operation is horizontal, not vertical. But that's not always the case.

    We use a much heavier tractor with a full 4 point subframe type backhoe that has done extensive stump removal over the last ten years. When the bucket curl snags on something, it is capable of lifting the front end of an almost 8,000 lb tractor/loader/backhoe rig off the ground. Obviously that lifting force goes through the entire tractor, not just to the stabilizers. I try to avoid extreme actions like that of course, but grubbing stumps is not easy on equipment.

    By the way, welcome to TBN! Lots of good people here... your contributions are welcomed and appreciated.

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