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    Default Rototiller tines "C" vs "L"

    We are ready to buy all new tines for my Howard rototiller. What is the difference in performance between "C" shaped tines vs "L" shaped tines?

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    Default Re: Rototiller tines "C" vs "L"

    The short answer is "not a lot of difference". The long answer is that the L tines on my JD 660 seem to do a better job when your tilling very shallow over the C shaped tines on my rotomec. When I'm tilling very deep it seems like the JD needs a bit more power relative to the Rotomec's C tines. I would get the kind that came on your Howard.

    If your using L tines and its lugging the engine more than you would like get the C tines. If your into shallow cultivation for weed control get the L Tines. Either will do the job of the other however.

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