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    Default Bush Hog shear pin

    I have a 6 ft King Kutter BH that came with a grade 2 bolt as the shear pin. Does anyone know wether or not that is the correct hardness for this application? Sure seems like I go through a lot of them.

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    Default Re: Bush Hog shear pin


    I can't answer your question, but I'd like to "tag-a-long" a shear bolt question of my own. With any luck, the wisdom of this board will be able to address both issues at once.

    In preparation for winter, I checked the 2 shear bolts on my Woods SS60 snowthrower. I figured it's better to get familiar with them now, before they shear and I have to replace them in the bitter cold. Anyway, the manual specifies them as both being 5/16"x1" long bolts. One of them is on the tractor end of the PTO shaft and the other is on the auger chain sprocket.

    I removed them both, and sure enough, they are the size specified. However, the PTO bolt is a grade 8 (6 dashes) and the sprocket bolt is a grade 5 (3 dashes). I was expecting grade 2!

    My dealer thought that was a bit odd and was going to look into it. While I had the bolts out, I picked up a couple of grade 2 replacements. I wanted Grade 5, but as is always the case, the hardware store didn't have the Grade 5 bolts in that size.

    My question: If I use grade 2, could I cause any damage? By my reasoning, I figure they'll shear before the grade 5's or 8's would. If they shear too easily, then I figured I'd try grade 5's, once I pick some up.
    But the grade 2's should work in a pinch.

    It sort of defeats the purpose of using the same size shear bolt for both applications if you have to keep two different types (hardnesses) of bolts on hand.

    Any comments?

    And yes, I know, a new snowblower with plenty of spare shear bolts guarentees that there won't be a flake of snow within our property all winter. [img]/w3tcompact/icons/sad.gif[/img]


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    Default Re: Bush Hog shear pin

    yes grade 2 are the right bolts to use.
    i made the mistake of just throwing any old bolt in my bush hog and then i hit a stump and wam i busted my ptoshaft up inside the tractor.
    breaking the shaft wasnt as bad as putting a new one in.
    i had to split the tractor to fix it.
    so if i was you i would use grade 2 bolts

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    Default Re: Bush Hog shear pin

    Grade 2 are what are specified for my Land Pride rotary cutter and the bottom of my toolkit is littered with evidence that they shear just fine (well part of the evidence...the rest is in the field somewhere).

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