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    Default Re: Seller saying I can't use a Box Blade?

    I don't think you'll get a whole lot done. I had a Cub Cadet about that weight, 2 wheel drive, and the light weight really hurt it any time I wanted to do serious work.

    If you're willing to make multiple passes using only 1 or 2 scarifiers at a time only a few inches deep, it will "work". If you expect to drop all 4 to 5 or 6 inches, break up some tough soil, then come back and pull the dirt to a low point I think you're going to be disappointed. They are so light it doesn't take much to spin the rear tires, as soon as that happens there are more holes to fill. I found a shovel and mattock were quicker than the tractor when the going got really tough.

    One more consideration. 42" isn't a very wide trail, it will take multiple passes just to get a decent width, a 5 or 6 foot box blade would make the job a whole lot better and faster. If you have some serious leveling to do I would rent something bigger, get your trails established, then you could use the smaller blade for maintenance.

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    Default Re: Seller saying I can't use a Box Blade?

    Everybody likes pics; so here it is. Picked it up today, probably going to media blast and paint it after I try it out tomorrow.

    gannon box blade 001 by jeffreythree1, on Flickr

    gannon box blade 002 by jeffreythree1, on Flickr
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    Default Re: Seller saying I can't use a Box Blade?

    Hope it works great for ya . Have fun!
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