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    Ok, I know there is not going to be an easy answer, but here is my quandary.
    I recently purchase an IH856 (100 PTO HP 10,300lbs), which has changed my ability to perform tasks on my farm.
    Prior to this I only had a Case-IH JX60 (52 PTO HP 6300lbs, according to Nebraska testing).
    With this I have a 3 16 White 508 moldboard and an 8 Buhler Farm King three point disk, along with planting equipment which is not my main concern. Main concerns with moldboard are the soil compaction, which I believe already to be an issue and the time with both the mold board and only 8 disk.
    Now it's time for me to make decisions on the potential of upgrading the size of attachment/s. With this I'm trying to go thru what my best approach would be.
    I'm considered doing away with the moldboard and going to chisel. I know there is a lot of discussion on what constitutes a real chisel or just a field cultivator.
    With what is considered to be a real chisel, would it be feasible to think I could pull 7 shank or even possible a 9? Soil would be considered a medium almost silt like. It is definitely not like the heavy soil I was used to as a kid, 4040JD had difficult time with same white 508 with 4 16?
    I have considered upping the disk size to better match the 856 and cutting my time down here. I'm also considering the use of a ripper, to help break up the compaction.
    I'm not familiar with using a chisel or deep ripper, as it was not part of the practices used when I was a kid. There was a near 20 year gap in my getting back at it, so any advice would be appreciated.
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    Sorry for the mixed up words, not sure what is happening?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsberhow View Post
    Sorry for the mixed up words, not sure what is happening?
    Next to the quote button, you can click the "Edit" button (down to the right) and fix the wording (only for 24 hours)

    It's a problem with copy and paste from Word documents (usually). Any thing with an apostrophe I've or it's or I'll and I've (commonly).

    Sorry no help with the real question... Got a photo of the tractor

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