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    Default Re: slide on bucket pallet forks any good?

    Quote Originally Posted by kebo View Post
    I'm looking at buying a set of the clamp on bucket forks as well. Should I be concerned about bending the 54" bucket on my 790? My first usage will be to load a pallet on the forks with about 700lbs of cinder blocks on it. You think the bucket will handle that much without bending? Do the clamp on forks with straps or chain binders help support the load, or is their purpose mostly just to keep the forks in place??

    I read about the disadvantages of using the forks but I don't have a quick attach feature so I don't have the option of going with the quick attach designs. Thanks!
    In my opinion I think you will be ok, I never saw any sign of bending with the clamp on/chain on forks I had and swapped to nue2farm. I would assume your bucket is as sturdy as the kubota one on the La463 loader. The binders dont really help support the load, they just keep the forks on, The trouble I had was with the clamp on scheme, the forks wanted to move sideways, and come off when pulling out of a pallett on the ground, if they drug the ground any at all they popped off. The chain on modification I made solved that problem. As for the 700 Lbs, well that depends, on how much can you lift at the center of the bucket, and how much you can lift several feet from the center of the bucket stuck out front, as well as packing around the dead weight of the bucket itself. The other disadvantage as you know is you cannot see very well. But the price is right, and they are very usefull.

    James K0UA
    James K0UA

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    Default Re: slide on bucket pallet forks any good?

    Is gc manufacturing still making forks?

    Scotty Dive
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    Default Re: slide on bucket pallet forks any good?

    Quote Originally Posted by Scotty Dive View Post
    Is gc manufacturing still making forks?
    I ordered the second set from them back in the spring but recently looked on Ebay and they had NO items listed. Not sure what happen there because I was going to link to them again the other day and why I linked to the other set which sounded nice.

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    Default Re: slide on bucket pallet forks any good?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hematite View Post
    Very true, you will only end up damaging your bucket or worse. ]
    Quote Originally Posted by k0ua View Post
    It won't bow your bucket, at least not a kubota
    I welded up slide on forks for my Kubota bucket. Maybe not the "right" or "best" way but so far no damage or problems. Man are they useful. The Heaviest use is piling saw logs for the Hauler from logging the property. I've lifted 33' logs, some heavy enough that it maxed out the hydraulics lift ability at full throttle. (I do have ballast on the back for lifting these front-heavy loads). It does get interesting when a 33-footer teeters while I'm moving it. Touchy to get it centerd as the forks are only about 5' apart (max width of the bucket). Mostly I'm happy the welds held on the forks, as I'm no pro at welding...
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